Research interests:

  • Geometric group theory. Geometric topology. Dynamics.
  • History, philosophy, and culture of science. (see new STS Program)
  • Gerrymandering and civil rights. (see MGGG project website)

    Teaching in Spring 2017:
          Math 61, Discrete Math
          STS 50/Math 50/Math 112, History of Math

    Teaching in Fall 2016:
          Math 250, Geometric Literacy: Topics in Analysis
          STS 10, Reading Lab: How Models Work

    CV (math-focused): updated Oct 2016.

    Recent Events:

  • Talk at Trinity Upper School: The isoperimetric problem in geometry and politics

  • Summer 2017 research cluster: Polygonal Billiards

  • Minicourse in hyperbolic groups (notes and exercises)

  • Graduate mentoring workshop, April 2015 - will be re-run in May 2017 at UMich

    Also see: GGTT seminar.

    113 Bromfield-Pearson Hall | Department of Mathematics, Tufts University | Medford, MA 02155