HELP with Math 16A

Math 16A, Section 1, Duchin

Help Resources

  1. Office Hours: W 10-11, F 10-12, and by appointment, in MSB 2111
  2. Calc Room (the most flexible resource: open M-F 11-6 in MSB 3118)
  3. Tutors ($$, department-approved tutors)
  4. Learning Skills Center (reviews for 16A material every T/Th 2:10-3pm in 121 Olson)
  5. (includes sample exams)
  6. More sample exams (these include actual tests from past terms of 16A)
For help putting together your courseload:
  • The Academic Peer Advisor for the math department, Heather Bergmann, holds office hours Mondays 2-4pm and Thursdays 12-2pm in MSB 2229. You can also email (The Peer Advisor can help you understand course requirements as well as graduation requirements for different majors. She writes, "I am available to answer any questions about the department, campus resources, and other basic things about school for any undergraduate student.")

    if only he went to the calc room.