External Links, Math 385

Practice problems for basic skills: PDF, Mix and match

Link to the psychology study on math anxiety in the classroom that we heard about from Gerardo Ramirez.
Reference: Beilock, S.L., Gunderson, E.A., Ramirez, G., & Levine, S.C. (2010). Female teachers' math anxiety affects girls' math achievement. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, USA, 107(5), 1060-1063.

Library of virtual manipulatives: not that well-explained, but super-cool if you take the time to figure out the applets.

Here are the Michigan Grade Content Level Expectations (GLCEs) that tell you what mathematical material is expected to be taught in which grade.

Online soroban (Japanese abacus), and a manual for how to use it.

Some recent newspaper articles about education:

  • Building a Better Teacher (NY Times, 3/2010)
  • Singapore Math (NY Times, 9/2010)
  • special report on charter schools (LA Times, ongoing)
  • surprising new data about study habits (NY Times, 9/2010)
  • on thinking "outside of the box": Nonsense makes you smarter (NY Times, 10/2009)
    Reference: Proulx, T. & Heine, S.J. (2009) Connections From Kafka: Exposure to Meaning Threats Improves Implicit Learning of an Artificial Grammar. Psychological Science Volume 20, Issue 9, 1125-1131.

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