Episodes in the History of Mathematics

Course: Math 111, History of Mathematics
Instructor: Moon Duchin (office hours Tues after class and by appointment, MSB 2111)
TAs: Tom Denton (bio) (office hours Mon 11am MSB 2145), Ezra Gouvea (office hours Tues 4pm, MSB 2131)
Time/Place: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:40-3pm, PHYGEO 130

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Required Books:

  • Imre Lakatos, Proofs and Refutations
  • John Stillwell, Mathematics and its History

Recommended Books:

  • Victor J. Katz, A History of Mathematics (any of the several editions)
  • Maurice Mashaal, Bourbaki: A secret society of mathematicians
  • Ebbinghaus et al, Numbers
  • any of several books by Brian Rotman, Ian Hacking, Constance Reid, Ann Hibner Koblitz (ask me!)

(Archived version of last year's course page.)