Teichmuller theory and Kleinian groups
MSRI, August 16-17 2007

Each day of this Thursday-Friday workshop will feature a combination of "basic notions" talks and short research talks on Teichmuller theory, Kleinian groups, and related fields of geometric topology and geometric group theory.


  • Pallavi Dani (Oklahoma)
  • Moon Duchin (UC Davis)
  • Kelly Delp (Buffalo State)
  • Ege Fujikawa (Sophia Univ Tokyo)
  • Jane Gilman (Rutgers)
  • Elmas Irmak (Bowling Green)
  • Sarah Koch (Cornell)
  • Anna Lenzhen (Michigan)
  • Alexandra Pettet (Stanford)
  • Corinna Ulcigrai (Bristol)
  • Genevieve Walsh (Tufts)
  • Asli Yaman (CRM)
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    Both men and women are very welcome to attend. We regret that no further funding is available.


    This is the first event of the Fall semester at MSRI, which hosts concurrent programs on Teichmuller theory and Kleinian groups and on Geometric group theory. The idea of this workshop is to create a space for mathematical interaction across different specialties in our common subject area. The talks will introduce the speakers' research themes; the workshop will also have blocks of time for open communication.

    HOW TO GET HERE: parking will be very limited, so it is recommended that you take the Hill bus (H Line) from Evans Hall on the UC Berkeley campus.

    Please register for this workshop if you plan to attend (ignoring the fields for talk title and abstract), so that we can get the quantities of coffee and food right. We will bring lunch and suggest group options for dinner.

    The organizers are Moon Duchin (mduchin@math.ucdavis.edu) and Caroline Series (cms@maths.warwick.ac.uk).

    Schedule of MSRI workshops in Fall 2007

    Teichmuller theory and Kleinian groups Geometric group theory
    Connections for Women August 16-17, link August 23-24, link
    Introductory August 20-24, link August 27-31, link
    Topics November 12-16, link November 5-9, link

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