Current and recent courses.

Fall 2016
Math 250, Geometric Literacy: Topics in Analysis
STS 10, Reading Lab: How Models Work

Spring 2016
Math 19, Social Choice [web]
Math 61, Discrete Math [web]

Fall 2015
Math 211, Graduate Real Analysis [web]

Spring 2015
Math 112, History of Math [poster]
Math 250, Teichmüller Theory (geometry of surfaces)

Fall 2013
Math 145, Abstract Algebra [web]
Math 250, Geometric Literacy [web]

Spring 2012, Spring 2013
Math 12, Calc II [web]
Math 158, Complex Variables [web]

Fall 2011
Math 11, Calc I [web]

Fall 2010
Math 217, Linear Algebra with Proofs [web]

Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2010
Math 385, Mathematics for Elementary School Teachers [web]

Spring 2008
MAT 141, Euclidean and Projective Geometry [web]
Winter 2008
MAT 111, History of Math [web]

Winter 2007
MAT 111, History of Math [web]

Fall 2006
MAT 180, Continued Fractions and Geometric Coding [web]
Spring 2006
MAT 16A, Short Calculus [web]
MAT 116, Elements of Differential Geometry [web]
Fall 2005
MAT 210A, Topics in Geometry: Fuchsian Groups [web]


  • The Poincaré Institute, an educational initiative at Tufts that I worked with in 2011-12.

  • Math camps visited in Summer 2011: HCSSiM, where I gave a talk about geometrical paradoxes; Canada/USA Mathcamp, where I gave a short course on the Gauss circle problem; and the brand-new Summer Program in Mathematical Problem Solving, which I was just scoping out but hope to be involved with in the future. These are all great programs... check them out!

  • Archived teaching evaluation pages from the University of Chicago (Topics / Calc I / Calc II)

  • "The curve complex and its relatives" (video), an expository lecture targeted for advanced graduate students from August 2007 Connections for Women workshop (Teichmuller theory and Kleinian groups program) at MSRI, co-organized with Caroline Series.

  • Collegiate Scholars Program at the University of Chicago, a great program for Chicago Public Schools kids, giving them background, community, and encouragement to aim high for college. I taught weekend math courses for CSP in 2004--05.

  • Polk Bros./U Chicago program for inservice teacher training. (Another article.) I visited 1st-8th grade classrooms at three South Side schools on a biweekly basis to work with teachers on "open-ended" math teaching in 2000-2002.

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