Homework policies

You are not only allowed but encouraged to work together on homework. However, your submission must be your own writing (or typing) and you must indicate what help you received or what sources (e.g., websites, people) you used on the assignment. You may use calculators and/or computers, but you should not need to (except where indicated in the problems). Please err on the side of caution and cite all relevant sources and resources.

Homework assignments

HW # Due Date Topics Homework assignment
HW 1 Friday April 7 parametrized and level curves, speed, arclength, reparametrization, regularity choose four from 1.1-1.10, plus 1.14, 2.1
HW 2 Monday April 10 continued Problem A, Problem B
HW 3 Monday April 17 curvature and torsion choose two from 2.3-2.13, plus 2.14, 2.15,
Problem C, Problem D
HW 4 Monday April 24 Frenet-Serret, metric spaces 2.20 and two more of your choice from Chapters 1-2;
Problems E,F, and H (G is optional)
HW 5 Monday May 1 simple closed curves 3.1-3.4, Problem I, re-dos if you wanna
HW 6 Monday May 15 surfaces4.6, 4.7 (refers to 4.3), Problems J and K
HW 7 Monday May 22 tangent planes, normals, orientability,
ruled surfaces and surfaces of revolution
4.13, 4.15, 4.19, Problems L and M
plus re-do Problem K if nec.
HW 8 Weds May 31
(no class Mon)
First Fundamental Form 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 5.4, Problem N
HW 9 Monday June 5 curvature of surfaces, geodesics (redux) 5.15, 6.1, 6.15, Problems O and P

Outside problems

Updated each week: here.

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