Math 210A Things

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Handouts -- these are supposed to supplement, and not duplicate, what's in the text

Please let me know about any errors in the handouts (more than likely); I may use the notes again for a future course.

Just the facts: details from the first lecture PDF DVI
Introducing the hyperbolic plane PDF DVI
Isometries * PDF DVI
More structurePDF DVI
Gauss-Bonnet and flat structuresPDF DVI
Trace and geometryPDF DVI
Tangent bundles and topological groupsPDF DVI
Discreteness and proper discontinuityPDF DVI
Introducing Fuchsian groupsPDF DVI
The modular groupPDF DVI

* By the way, if you're interested in the story of Saccheri, who declared non-Euclidean geometry to be "repugnant to the nature of the straight line," here's a philosophy paper I wrote that makes use of that story to make a point.