My interests include social studies of science; history and philosophy of math and social epistemology more generally; gender studies and politics.

Active projects

  • Contestation in Math: "Morally Correct" and other moves (article)
  • Inventing Five-Eighths: How Math Is And How It Could Have Been Otherwise (book project)
  • Men, Mathematics, and Men of Mathematics
  • The International Mathematical Olympiad: Borders and mobility
  • University of Chicago Alumnae Project
    P.S. I'm looking for a database coder to help me make this more wieldy.

    Writings and such

  • The sexual politics of genius — note: juvenilia! Not that I hate it.
  • Arguing from repugnance: Transfer of intuition in mathematics and philosophy
  • The geometry of gender: Taxonomies in social life (being reworked— link by request)


  • Math and the Vote, MAA Distinguished Lecture Series (October 2016)
  • Response to Kenny Easwaran, The social role of mathematical proofs (Tufts STS, Sept 2016)
  • On the social dynamics of competition and competitiveness, Guest lecture in Kathy Aidala's Women and Gender in Science course (Mt Holyoke College, April 2012)
  • Panel discussion, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, and the Culture of Mathematics, at Infinite Possibilities Conference to support underrepresented minority women in the mathematical sciences (UMBC, March 2012)
  • Knowledge is social in mathematics, Keynote interdisciplinary lecture, Binghamton University Graduate Conference on Algebra and Topology [BUGCAT] (November 2010)
  • Intuition in mathematics and philosophy, Math/philosophy Interdisciplinary lecture for University of Chicago Center in Paris (April 2009)
  • Conference of the Joint Atlantic Seminar for the History of the Physical Sciences
    (University of Notre Dame, February 2005)
  • Graduate Student Philosophy Conference in Ethics and Epistemology
    (New School University, April 2004)
  • Graduate Student Philosophy Conference in Social-Political Thought and Value Theory
    (Michigan State University, February 2004)
  • Association for Women in Math talks: Dartmouth, UIC, and U Chicago

    Book reviews

  • Zoontologies, for Foundations of Political Theory, Feb 2005
  • Putting Science in Its Place, for Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, Sep 2005, Vol. 36, No. 1: 197–205
  • Leaps in the Dark, for Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences, Mar 2005, Vol. 35, No. 2: 371–382


  • History of Mathematics (Math 112 at Tufts; Math 111 at UC Davis) 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, 2007 -- this course material is currently the basis of a book project.
  • Math 19, Mathematics of Social Choice, Tufts, Spring 2016
  • WS 483, Feminist Science Studies, University of Michigan -- syllabus solicited by WS, never taught as far as I know.
  • GSTU 101, Problems in Gender Studies, University of Chicago (co-taught with Elaine Hadley), Spring 2003

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